First impressions are all-important when the time comes to sell your Palm Springs Home. You want to make sure that your Palm Springs house puts its best foot forward every time a potential buyer comes through the door. Here are some hot home staging tips to sell your house fast.

The Bathroom

Staging your bathroom can be tricky. Bathrooms are still one of the most important rooms in a home when it comes to making the best impression on potential buyers. Outdated bathrooms are simply a turn-off to millenials. Whether sellers decide to stage their bathroom by adding simple upgrades to give a more modern look or completely remodel to update features and add functionality, each will have some impact on resale value.

  • Bleach the Walls: Mix equal parts bleach and water in a spray bottle and apply liberally to get rid of grime, mold and mildew.
  • Filmy Shower Doors: You want your shower door to look clean and new. To accomplish this without replacing, use a 10% muriatic acid solution and steel wool. This will get your shower door shiny and new. Be careful to remove the door and do the scrubbing outside, especially if you’ve recently used bleach on the walls!
  • Painting Tiles: Few people consider painting tiles, but a high-adhesion primer followed by ceramic epoxy paint can give dated tile a new lease on life.
  • Furniture: Get rid of the old vanity and replace it with a pedestal sink for a big hit with potential buyers.

Staging is the only way to sell Palm Springs House quickly in this flooded real estate market. Apart from cleaning the clutter, sellers must take into account many other factors. 

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